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automatic excavator idler welding machine

basic information
Automobile Parts Welding Machine
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automatic excavator idler welding machine

I.Technical Requirement

1. MIG welding for flat plate of idler

2. Machine dimension: 3m*2.1m*2.4m (can be fit in container), Machine includes enclosure.

3. workpiece is the excavator track idler. External diameter of workpiece is 650mm, the external diameter of plate is max 535mm (min 400mm), internal diameter of plate is max 165mm (min 120mm), the height of workpiece is max 200mm. 

4. The material of rim is universal, normalize/quenching or high temperature tempering(HB167~235). The appearance and size must meet the requirement, not allowed to have undercut, welding tumor, arc crater, burn through, collapse, surface pores, surface cracks and other defects in the appearance. The interior of welding seam should not have the defects of slag inclusion, air hole, non-through welding, non-fusion and internal cracks.

II.Technique Parameters   

welding torch adjustment

lifting distance: 100mm


left-right distance: 100mm


tilting angle: 25°-60°

welding specification

welding voltage: 5-36V


welding current:50-500A, 60% duty cycle


welding wire diameter: Φ0.8--Φ1.6mm

welding torch pneumatic feeding value




welding torch oscillation scope adjustment  

0-60mm -30/+30

welding torch oscillating frequency range  

0-20 times/min

welding torch standing time on both sides

0-10 second  

welding torch standing time in the middle

0-10 second

welding torch each layer lifting value       


welding torch automatic lifting layer     

0-6 layer

III.Main Feature

1. Welding torch is fixed, while the workpiece is rotating. Welding  position is horizontal.

2. The workpiece is pneumatically clamped and will rotate simultaneously, to guarantee that the seam position does not  deviate.

3. Pneumatic loading and unloading mode, turn the workpiece 180°. The process of welding is finished automatically. Reduce the labor intensity of workers.

4. The workpiece is positioned by central hole, tighten it pneumatically.

5. Japan OMRON PLC is used to control the whole machine operation.The welding mode and welding specification can be preset, saved  and recalled. 

6. Two welding torches are separately positioned by CNC. It can move  up and down, left and right, and angled turn, to reach welding requirement.



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