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Pipe and Flange Automatic Welding Machine

basic information
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Pipe and Flange Automatic Welding Machine 

I. Technical Requirement
  1. Automatically welding flange circular seam of various specifications. 
  2. MIG welding
  3. Machine can work continuously for 24-hour.
II. Technique Parameters   

Applicable welding diameter


Applicable welding length


Rotation speed


Motor power


Air pressure


Welding torch moving range in the left-right direction


Welding torch lifting range


Welding power source

Japan OTC CPVE-400

III. Main Feature
  1. Welding torch is fixed, while the workpiece is rotating.
  2. Double welding torch and double welding power source.
  3. Workpiece is clamped tightly by chuck and synchronously rotate
  4. Welding torch, rotary axis box and pneumatic tail-stock can be adjusted longitudinally, to meet various welding.
  5. Japan OMRON PLC; The welding mode and specification can be preset, saved and recalled.
IV. Working Process
manual loading → clamp and press the workpiece → welding torch falls → supply shielding gas → automatic spot welding for one cycle → supply shielding gas → high voltage, slow wire feeding for arc igniting → workpiece rotates → normal welding → reach the given welding length → workpiece stop rotating→ low current, low voltage for arc ending, stop shielding gas → release the workpiece →welding torch lifts→ unloading 


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